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Meet Board Member - Jason Scott

Updated: Dec 6, 2022

Unlike many of my fellow MSA board members, I’m not a doctor. I’m an IT geek by day, and I restore and write about classic cars in my spare time … none of which makes me terribly well qualified to be a member of the MSA board. But I do have one attribute that sets me a bit apart from the others: first-hand experience — I had a stroke just over a year ago.

While I experienced many of the symptoms that often accompany a stroke — hemiplegia, delirium, aphasia, and a touch of amnesia, for good measure — I was able to make a nearly complete recovery just hours after my stroke, thanks to a little luck, a bit of good fortune, and heaps of expert diagnosis and treatment by a small army of doctors and medical professionals to whom I’ll forever be indebted.

Having survived my stroke with only minor lingering effects, I realized that I have the opportunity to represent and advocate for other stroke patients to improve their odds of having a similar outcome as mine.

As a member of MSA’s board, my primary aim is to help keep MSA focused on improving patient care so that any stroke patient in Maine has access to the very best treatment possible, regardless of which medical facility may be most accessible to them.

Just as importantly, I hope to help educate stroke patients, their families, and the general public about how to recognize when someone may be experiencing a stroke, of the importance of getting them treatment as quickly as possible, and about continued care options following a stroke.

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