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Mission Statement

To create a coordinated system of stroke care throughout Maine that addresses stroke education and prevention, acute and subacute stroke treatment, stroke recovery, rehabilitation and community reintegration, and secondary stroke prevention.

Patient with Healthcare Nurse

Goals and Objectives

Ensuring Access

Ensure that all patients in Maine have access to comprehensive, high-quality, and cost effective care at all levels of stroke acuity regardless of location within the state.

Clinician Education

Engage Maine providers at all spectrums of stroke care to enhance knowledge, understanding and a commitment to providing the best care possible.

Quality Improvement

Evaluate and improve the utilization of health care resources around stroke, focusing on reducing waste, rework and medical errors.


Enhance patient-centered stroke research.

Enhancing Collaboration

Enhance communication, collaboration and transitions between Maine facilities.


Design a state wide organized and standardized approach to stroke care.

Data Management

Develop and maintain a state wide data collection system based on defined performance metrics with analysis and action that will inform quality improvement efforts.


Encourage and assist hospitals within the Maine to attain Joint Commission stroke accreditation to the level appropriate to their population needs.

Gear System
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