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Thomas G. Broussard, Jr., his company, Stroke Educator, Inc., and Aphasia Nation, Inc., a 501c3 non-profit are conducting an international “Aphasia Awareness” campaign dedicated to educating people about stroke and aphasia, a language disorder that is often the result of a stroke. It is the seventh year, with over 600 presentations at 35 states, plus India, Hong Kong, and Nova Scotia so far!

Dr. Broussard was associate dean, Admissions & Career Services at The Heller School at Brandeis University until his stroke in 2011. He could not read, write or speak well, but kept a 500-page diary. He “wrote” his diary using graphs, charts, and metaphorical drawings with text that didn’t make any sense.

He regained his language and wrote the first three of the Stroke Diary series: Stroke Diary, A Primer for Aphasia Therapy; Stroke Diary, The Secret of Aphasia Recovery and Stroke Diary, Just So Stories, How Aphasia Got Its Language Back, plus The ABCs of Aphasia: A Stroke Primer and his fifth book, Stroke and Aphasia Recovery: Metaphors Help Us Mend.

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    Stroke survivor

Tom Broussard

Stroke survivor
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