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Meet Board Member - Angela Wheelden


My name is Angela Wheelden, BSN, RN, SCRN. I divide my time as the Stroke program manager and the Hip and Knee Joint Center of Excellence program manager at Northern Light Eastern Maine Medical Center. We have been a designated Primary Stroke Center since 2009.

I started my nursing career at NL EMMC 20 years ago as a registered nurse on the orthopedic and neurology acute care floor, caring for stroke patients at the bedside. I later helped educate and mentor staff on the acute care unit related to stroke care until my current role as a program manager for our Primary Stroke Center.

As a nurse manager, I am passionate about the care and support provided to Stroke survivors and their caregivers and pride my work driving my team to provide evidence-based stroke care. I would not be able to do my work without the wonderful team around me and the hospital leadership support.

I am inspired by the population we serve and the drive they have to overcome their disabling stroke effects. I am fortunate to work collaboratively to build a stronger system of care for stroke patients and their families in Maine with the Maine Stroke Alliance members. We have a wide variety of members who together we strive to achieve timely, evidence-based stroke care regardless of the hospital they present to in Maine.

I also am the committee chair for the Maine Stroke Alliance Subgroup: Community Education & Primary Stroke Prevention. Members of this group are stroke survivors and providers. We welcome new members to provide education to the communities of Maine on stroke risk factors and how to prevent a stroke from occurring. An virtual education series starts this week on January 26th at 3 pm. Please contact me for further details

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